Cherry Suds Shampoo 500ml

Cherry Suds Shampoo 500ml

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Cherry Suds is a rich shampoo that will ensure your vehicles bodywork has a high gloss finish. This is a highly concentrated shampoo which can be diluted down to 2000:1 for light washes. allowing you to get the most out of our products but still the same amazing finish.


How To Use: 

Dilute 20ml of shampoo to 15-20L of warm water and agitate with a jet wash. Using a clean wash mitt, apply shampoo over the vehicle from top to bottom ensuring all areas are covered and washed thoroughly, Jet wash down making sure all shampoo has been removed ready to dry the vehicle.


Safety Information:

Always wear gloves and eye protection where possible. If you experience a reaction or irritation when using, gently apply cold water and rinse off your skin. If it comes into contact with your eyes ensure you thoroughly rinse with eye wash and seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of Children. If consumed contact your local emergency services.


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