TFR BLAST - Caustic Snow Foam

TFR BLAST - Caustic Snow Foam

TFR BLAST is a caustic snow foam designed to remove all previous wax and protection that may be on your vehicle ready for a new fresh coating of protection.


How To Use:

Dilute 100ml of product to 400ml of warm water in a snow foam lance. Jet wash down the vehicle before applying for best results. Apply over the vehicle and allow 5-10 minutes for the product to dwell before jet washing from top to bottom ensuring all Snow Foam has been removed.


Safety Information:

Always wear gloves and eye protection where possible. If you experience a reaction or irritation when using, gently apply cold water and rinse off your skin. If it comes into contact with your eyes ensure you thoroughly rinse with eye wash and seek medical advice. Keep out of the reach of Children. If consumed contact your local emergency services.

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